Earthmoving/Plant Equipment

Civil & Mining Competencies:

Course contents for Civil and Mining Units of Competencies are as per the National Training Package RII09 and TLI10.

Unit of Competencies:


Skid Steer

Front End Loader





Elevated Work Platform

Participants will be required to undertake theory and practical assessments during attendance.

The objective is for each student to operate equipment safely and effectively with a sound overview and practical experience of how work should be carried out within the mining and construction industries.

Skills and knowledge that you will learn include:

  • Machine Specific Safety and Emergency Procedures.
  • Machinery Types & Features.
  • Machinery Inspections (Pre-Start & Post Checks).
  • Understanding Controls & Instruments.
  • Loading & Unloading Procedures.
  • Lifting Procedures.
  • How to conduct activities while encountering other machines.
  • How to communicate with control officers and other operators (via two way radio)
  • Managing Site Hazards
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Pre & Post Shift Procedures (i.e. dealing with shift handovers, briefings, records and reports etc)

Once you have successfully completed a specific training course you will receive a Statement of Attainment that is a nationally recognised qualification for that machine.

Please call for next available training dates and more information

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